How To Play Roulette Online

Roulette is one of the most popular games played in casinos. The sight of a roulette table has been historically associated with a glamorous lifestyle and has been featured in several great movies. Although a game won by luck, there are some predictable aspects of roulette. Knowing how roulette works is the first step. Playing roulette online is not very different from standing roulette played on physical tables in casinos.

Rules of Roulette

Roulette is a game of bets. Basically, a wheel numbered between 0, and 36 is rolled, and a small ball is dropped on the pockets designated to the numbers, and bets are made as to which pocket the ball will be in when the rolling wheel halts. The pockets are alternatively colored red and black, by convention, and the pocket of number 0 is colored with green. The numbers do not follow any mathematical order. The ball used to roll on the roulette table is usually either made of Teflon or Ivorine.

However, there are more diverse bets that can be placed other than the basic one. Some of them include predictions like the possible number being odd or even, the sector of the wheel in which the ball will land, the colour of the pocket and so on.

The Types of Roulette Bets

There are two major classifications of roulette bets. The Inside bet and the Outside bet. The Inside bet is placed when the prediction is made on which number the ball would be pocketed in at the end of the spin. There are other types of Inside bets where one can make straightforward bets or split between two numbers while betting. The payouts for inside bets are usually high because the risk factor is high too.

Outside bets, on the other hand, are bets made on the outcome of Inside bets, that is, bets like which color the number that the ball landed on is or if the number is odd or even. Payouts for the Outside bets are usually low, but beginners prefer these bets because of the low-risk factor.

Playing Roulette Online

Playing roulette online is not very different from playing standing roulette in a physical casino. In fact, almost all the rules hold even for online roulette. The major difference is the presence of an interface that is used to communicate with the roulette dealer as opposed to direct conversation.

However, even in online roulette, the scene isn’t very different. Bets are placed immediately after ‘place your bets’ appears on your online interface, and the phrase ‘bets closed’ appears to indicate the closing of the betting window.

If the game feels very dragged on, you can always play speed roulette, which reduces the betting time by a significant margin. Now, unlike in standing roulette tables, the winning predictions are paid instantly. There are several advantages to playing roulette online, and one of them is the instantaneous payment, thanks to a well-designed interface to place bets and win instant money.


Another advantage to playing roulette online is the live chat option. This allows you to clear any queries you have regarding the game or seek advice from experienced players. Furthermore, this can be done simultaneously as you play, reducing any extra time required for clearing your doubts before the game.

Playing roulette online also allows you to access the statistics of the game. Although based on luck, probabilistic models can sometimes be effective in predicting certain key possibilities. This feature is obviously not possible to access in standing roulette tables. By giving you data from previous spins and winning numbers, you can maximize your potential victory margin with well-planned advice from in-game statistics. Certain data like hot numbers and cold numbers shed light on which numbers are on a roll, and which ones are failing for a long time. This provides some context on the game as you play it.

Some websites that facilitate online roulette also have favorite bets and saved bets options. These options are especially helpful while playing speed roulette as this allows for your saved bets to load amidst the game automatically. This reduces the labor of placing bets amidst the thrill of the game, and you can strategize and plan your game beforehand. This gives you an edge over standing roulette rules where bets are made in real-time and there is not enough time to plan and learn from previous outcomes.

Playing roulette online is easy once you get used to the few differences it has from standing roulette. Some features are very specifically an advantage over standing roulette. For instance, there is very little room for cheating players or biased roulette wheels to spoil your chances of winning. There is also some speculative room for predicting the winning number based on the movement of the wheel. However, while playing online, it is heavily dependent on luck because nobody can predict numbers from computerized images of spinning wheels.

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The Legitimacy of Online Roulette Sites

Now that we’ve covered the process of playing online roulette, we should still warn you that some websites are just scams when it comes to online roulette. There are several websites that lure unsuspecting beginners in the guise of promising riches. This can be dangerous and could potentially result in you losing all your money. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from playing online altogether. You just have to be careful which site you choose to play online roulette.

One of the best practices to choose a site for playing is to look for their licenses and approval ratings by International gaming authorities. These authorities ensure a safe and unbiased environment for us to play online roulette. Secondly, stay away from sites making unrealistic and extraordinary claims and offering a lot of money. Research goes a long way when it comes to choosing a good and trustworthy site to play online roulette.

Well, this is what we are here for. We have done all the hard work for you, and have come up with a handpicked collection of the best casinos to play roulette. So, fret no more, and get started now.