Lightning Roulette

There’s no denying that roulette is one of the most popular casino games, and you’re bound to find a few roulette tables in any brick and mortar casino. So it was obvious that it would become an integral part of online casinos as well. There are different variations of roulette, where the basic rules remain the same, but a few features are added to make the gameplay a little different.

Today, we’ll be talking about one of the variations of roulette that is called Lightning Roulette. This post will cover everything about Lightning Roulette – what it is, how to play, and what tips and strategies you can use to improve your odds of winning.

Lightning Roulette Overview

Lightning Roulette was released just a few years back in 2018 by Evolution Gaming. Since then, plenty of online casino operators have included this game in their live casino section. Even in the span of fewer than three years, Lightning Roulette has become extremely popular among online casino players.

And the main reason behind it is that it offers huge multipliers, with the biggest multiplier being 500x the bet amount. Since its release, it has successfully captured the attention of players who aim for the big wins.

What is Lightning Roulette and How to Play?

The basic rules of Lightning Roulette are the same as that for standard roulette. So in case you are completely new to roulette and don’t know the standard rules in the first place, we will quickly guide you through it.

In roulette, there’s a spin wheel with numbers 0 to 36, as well as a number chart displayed on the table with the same numbers (American Roulette also has a 00 along with numbers from 0 to 36). These numbers are arranged into a 3 x 12 grid and divided into two color sets – half of them colored red and the other half black. In order to play, you must place your bets on the number table, and there are multiple betting options such as:

⦁ Low Bet: all numbers from 1 to 18
⦁ High Bet: all numbers from 19 to 36
⦁ All even numbers bet
⦁ All odd numbers bet
⦁ 1st dozen (1 to 12), 2nd dozen (13 to 24) and 4th dozen (25 to 36)
⦁ Red or black bets: Either bet on all red numbers or on all black numbers
⦁ Column bet: Bet on an entire column that contains 12 numbers
⦁ Bet on all numbers

Apart from these, you can also bet on any particular number of your choice and also place bets on a certain combination of numbers such as any row (like 4-5-6), double row (4-5-6-7-8-9), or a split, which includes any two numbers connected horizontally or vertically (like 4-5 or 4-7). And of course, since 0 and 00 have not been included in any of these bets, so you need to bet on them individually.
Each of these bets has a fixed payout starting from 1:1. You can choose to place any of these bets in combination. For example, you can bet on all even numbers, the first dozen numbers, and the last column all in one round. Once the bets are placed, the croupier spins the roulette wheel and waits for it to land on one number. If that number is included in any of your bets, you will win as per the payout for that bet.

So these are the rules for standard roulette, and the same goes for Lightning Roulette. But here’s where things change a bit for Lightning Roulette – in every round, the croupier activates a system that randomly selects one to five numbers and hits them with lightning. These numbers are called lucky numbers or lightning numbers, and they gain a multiplier, which is also randomly set to be anywhere between 50x to 500x.

To win big on lightning numbers, three conditions must be met together:
⦁ A particular number is selected as the lightning number.
⦁ The roulette ball lands on that exact number after the spin.
⦁ You have bet on that exact number as well.

If all these things occur at once, your stake will be multiplied by the lightning number’s multiplier accordingly. Here’s an example that will finally make it all clear and remove any confusions you might still have.

Let’s say you bet ₹1 each on the first dozen (total ₹12), the first column (total ₹12), all odd numbers (total ₹18), and the 0 ₹1). The croupier spins the wheel and also activates the lightning system and the numbers 1, 15, and 35 are selected as the lightning numbers with multipliers of 50x, 100x, and 150x respectively. The ball finally lands on the number 15, which also happens to be a lightning number. Out of all the bets you placed, 15 lies in your all odd numbers bet, so the ₹1 you bet on it will be multiplied 100x, giving you a payout of ₹100.

Tips and Strategies for Lightning Roulette

The first thing we’d like to tell you is that there’s no guaranteed strategy of winning at Lightning Roulette, and it’s not realistic to expect any such technique which will ensure that you always win. The strategies we are going to explain can only help to improve your odds of winning, but the final result is still a matter of luck.

Now the main strategy here is to aim for the big multipliers by increasing your chances of winning. And the concept behind such a strategy is that even if you lose money on a couple of rounds, a single big multiplier might put you in profit. As such, you can cover different numbers with your bets in the following manner:

⦁ Bet on any set of numbers that includes one-third of all numbers, such as a dozen set, any one column, any three horizontal rows, or any 12 numbers in random. This will give you a 33.33% probability of winning.
⦁ Bet on any set of numbers that covers half of all numbers, such as all odd or all even, red or black, low or high, or any 18 numbers in random. This gives you a 50% probability of winning.
⦁ Bet on all numbers, which means you have a 100% chance of winning. This ensures that you will win something, but there’s no telling whether the winnings will be more or less than your total stake.

For example, you can bet ₹1 on all numbers (total ₹37), but if the ball lands on a number that isn’t the lightning number, you will only win the standard payout for the single number, which is usually 30:1, and that puts you at a ₹7 loss for that round.

So keep this in mind – the 33%, 50%, or even 100% chance of winning that we talk about relates to your chances of winning for the number that the ball lands on. But there’s no guarantee that the number on which the ball lands will also be the lightning number. As such, these strategies will help you calculate your probability of winning but getting a multiplier win is still purely a matter of luck.


Now that you have understood how Lightning Roulette works and also become familiar with some strategies to improve your odds, it’s time that you try out this exciting game for yourself. Find yourself an excellent casino site where you can create an account and start playing Lightning Roulette so that you can try your luck on those huge multipliers.