Live Speed Roulette

While roulette has been one of the highlights of the physical casino for ages, the most modern rendition of it is the live speed roulette. It is a fast game that runs live and gives a real-life gaming experience to all its users. This game wastes no time in between spins and caters to the action lovers amongst the enthusiasts.

In fact, since it is quick and comes with a delay of only a few seconds in between spins, the users get to play a lot more games at the online casino. How does it work? Essentially, since there is no time lag, on average, the user can engage in 50 extra turns in the span of one hour compared to the other games.

The bet is placed while the ball is spinning. As a result, the players need to be quick. The game does not require the players to wait until everyone places their bets on the ball landing on the wheel.

Why Play Live Speed Roulette?

Live speed roulette is undoubtedly one of the most interesting zones in any online casino. But why, after all, is this game such a popular choice among online casino visitors? Here are some ideas to tell us why.

For starters, live speed roulette is an extremely fast-paced game for casino lovers. There is barely a gap of 25 seconds in between two different spins of the wheel. This, in turn, promises a high dose of action for all the enthusiasts. If you love speed, action, and adventure, then this is the perfect casino game for you.

Secondly, online casinos use a powerful technology that can help the game retain its high-speed performance. More often than not, the live speed roulette game uses a video-based number recognition technology that ensures there is no lag between the ball landing on the wheel and the declaration of results.

Thirdly, one significant advantage of this game is its set of trained game hosts. For any casino game, the host plays a rather important role. In this context, the host proves to be even more critical when it comes to such an action-packed game. The host here is well trained to cater to the fast-paced actions of the game and the players. The wheels are customized to provide an optimum gaming experience to all the players as well.

Talking about gaming experience, this game features tables with multiple cameras all around in order to give the online users the perfect viewing angles for the game. This means the facilities provide you with a real life-like experience of being in a physical casino. Finally, unlike a lot of other games, when you engage in live speed roulette, you do not really have to spend time to learn a number of rules. The game has the easiest formats, with the simplest rules. All you have to do is place your bets and start playing without having to focus on too many complicated rules. This is one of the biggest benefits offered by the game.

How To Play Live Speed Roulette

Playing live speed roulette is one of the easiest tasks on the online casino portal. As part of the checklist, there are a total of two checks you would need to get started with this casino game. The first is a live casino account. You can sign up for an account on the website with the help of your credentials. This is a simple and easy process. The other requirement involves the presence of funds in your casino account. Making an initial deposit is an absolute must to engage in live speed roulette. Most casinos online do not allow players to start playing this game unless they have made a cash deposit.

Apart from these two requirements, the rest of the game is pretty simple to deal with. The casino website features a special icon that leads to the live speed roulette game page. You can either look for this game from the website’s game menu or simply click on the icon on the home page to get started. As soon as you click on the icon, the loading page pops up in front of us within a few seconds.

You will be taken to the world of live speed roulette through the casino website’s stories and illustrations. Usually, there is a betting limit set for this game. More often than not, this varies between 1 and 5000. The first step for us on this page requires placing one or more bets depending on how you want to play the game. But you must always bet within the betting limits in order to start playing the game.

Fast, Faster, Fastest

Playing speed roulette requires us to be fast and prompt, to be able to react quickly. This is one of the features of this game. The idea is to think quickly and place the bet before the ball lands on the slots. If you miss your chance or are not fast enough to place the bet, you would not be able to take part in the live event.

As soon as the ball lands in the slot, the winning number is declared in quick time with the help of a recognition program. However, you would still need to be pretty alert at this point in time since the wheel starts spinning immediately, and it is time to make the next bet on the game. Live speed roulette has no free time for the players to rest. For the rounds that you play, you are expected to stay alert and think quickly.

Live speed roulette is an exciting addition to any online casino and can cater to the likings of the pace-loving casino goers. It does not feature a host of rules, you can get started on the game as soon as you place a bet. This simple and easy game is the need of the hour in every online casino now!