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As a responsible business owner of an online gambling site, it is crucial to promote responsible gambling. Responsible gambling pertains to playing or indulging in online gambling games with fun and enjoyment and not addiction.

One should play online slots responsibly without jeopardizing the everyday and quality of life. Playing slots, be it at online casinos or in land-based casinos, is an exciting and leisure activity for many. However, it doesn’t take long to turn it into destructive.

How to know when things are getting out of control? If you are into gambling yourself or know someone inclined towards it? And you are beginning to worry about the addiction? Here is information that can help you deal with it better.

Firstly, it is essential to know if you are deep into irresponsible gambling or not. Most people never know when they are starting to become irresponsible in playing internet slots. It can happen in a jiffy. Here are some of how one can recognize the problem and deal it with according.

Recognize The Problem

When are you exactly being irresponsible while gambling? It all depends on how you behave and like to put stakes/bets on your games.

Playing occasionally is not a problem, even if you are a high roller involved in betting at high amounts. Even doing so regularly won’t pose to be a problem. However, what can pose to be dangerous is involving in low stake games, even if played occasionally.

Various organizations have forward to diagnose gambling disorders. Here are some traces of behavior found in people with gambling disorders, as mentioned in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by the American Psychiatric Association.

  • They tend to gamble with more amount of money each time to satisfy their desire to play.
  • They tend to play continuously for hours. Stopping causes them restlessness or irritability.
  • Their mind of most often preoccupied with gambling thoughts only.
  • They have incessantly failed to stop themselves from gambling.
  • They have started using gambling as a way to de-stress.
  • In order to recover their previous losses, they tend to repeatedly bet more ending up playing for hours and losing more
  • They lie about how much they gamble to their loved ones
  • Their betting behavior has started to negatively affect their personal life like losing a job, dismantled relationships and others.
  • They have started to delve into the habit of asking for money to fulfill their financial obligations while losing all their money on gambling.

Is exhibiting even one or two of this behavior is a serious problem? No! Initially, it isn’t a problem, provided it doesn’t persist. If more then three are applicable, there might be a problem. Here is a scorecard to help you diagnose better:

  • If more than three of these disorders apply to you, there is a mild disorder.
  • If at least six apply to you. It is considered a moderate disorder
  • If more than eight apply to you, it is a serious disorder.

This diagnosis may not be viable for everyone trying to diagnose a gambling problem. For such people, various organizations even provide self-assessment questionnaire that can help diagnose it.

Start Getting Help

Once you have diagnosed your gambling disorder, don’t hesitate to take the right help. Not everyone is born perfect and life is all about overcoming these shortcomings. It is your right to get it treated without feeling ashamed of it.

Here are some of the ways one can seek help:

  • Responsible gambling by online gambling sites

The majority of the jurisdictions have made it mandatory to put resources together that can be reached out for help by such people. It is the responsibility of legal gambling systems to do so. You can take the help of such resources found on every licensed online casino sites.

  • Trained professional help

Apart from these, there are also trained professionals that extend their help to people exhibiting excessive gambling disorders.

  • From hotlines

For seeking immediate help, one can also reach out to hotlines set up by various nations. These hotlines provide instant information and resources that can push you in the right direction. These hotline numbers are free to call at any time of the day at no cost.

  • Self-help groups

Another feasible option for compulsive gamblers to seek out help are self-help groups. These self-help groups are dedicated groups that carry out friendly conversations among people going through the same problem or once had the same problem.

Many free organizations carry out such meet and greet at certain places throughout the world. They indulge in meaningful free-flowing conversations that help people going through betting disorders feel better. Two such well-known organizations are Gamblers Anonymous and Bettors Anonymous.

If you are a family member of a person having gambling disorders, there are also self-help groups like Gam-Anon that extend help specifically to such family members.

  • Clinician and doctors

There are also clinicians and outpatient treatments available that help people with compulsive gambling disorders.

Often governments of various nations provide such help where people are not able to afford such treatments.

  • Add to self-exclusion lists

For those dealing with minimal disorders or are just in the process of getting severe disorders, you can add yourself to self-exclusion lists to stay away from gambling. This is a good step for those who have the repeated urge to gamble even if they can’t afford it.

These self-exclusion lists won’t allow playing even if you wish to. You can get yourself listed under these lists with the help of local jurisdictions or through individual casinos too. You will then be barred from entering the casino bar for a specific period of time or even permanently.

You can also follow the same on online gambling sites. You can include yourself in the self-exclusion list of any licensed casino site.


These were some of the ways you can adapt to play responsibly at both online casinos and on land-based casinos. Seek out for yourself, and you will find various solutions leading your way.


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